Q. Do you ship internationally?
No, we do not. Expect our Canadian neighbours. Any customs duties and taxes will be collected at the time of delivery. Please understand that our company policy strictly prohibits oversea sales. The United States and Canada are our scope of operation.

Q. Do you ship PO BOX, APO/FPO?
No, we do not. In order to ship your order we will need a physical address.

Q. When would my credit card be charged?
When an order is placed, your credit card will be charged within 24 hrs. If the bank needs more information, we will contact you.

Q. Can I receive the shippment to a different address other than my billing address?
Yes, we are able to ship to an address other than your billing address. However, we do require an authorization, so that we can help cut down on fraudulent usage of credit cards that are currently so prevalent on the Internet. This one step helps us cut down on fraud, keeps our costs down, and enables us to provide our customers with the lowest price possible. The procedure is done strictly to protect consumers, as well as ourselves as a merchant. We realize that this policy may be slightly inconvenient, however it enables us to provide you with the best possible price. We hope you understand our position, and thank you for your cooperation! Here are the authorization procedures that we accept:

Option #1: Contact your credit card company to have your shipping address added as an authorized shipping address on their records.

Option #2: Send a Fax Authorization containing the following items:
1. Copy of the front and back of credit card.
2. Copy of a picture ID
3. A statement reading "I authorize PerfumeDistributor.com to ship my order to the following (shipping) address, followed by the billing address.

Q. How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
Orders must be received by 12 noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) to be processed on the same business day, however it is not a guarantee. We do request 1 to 2 business days on "hard to find items". PerfumeDistributor will do it's very best to ensure the quickest possible processing of every order. You may experience delays if there are any problems with the processing or verification of your billing address or credit card information.

Q. What do I do if I receive a partial order?
To prevent any order processing delays, we will ship all in stock items. You will only be charged for what you receive. If you wish to substitute an out of stock item with another item, we'll be happy to ship the item free of shipping charges with the original order.